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Preparing For The Job

We will generally arrive at 8:00am on the scheduled day (but can accommodate other start times if you let us know in advance).  You’ll need to do a few things to prepare for our arrival, including:

  • Provide a place to park our 30-foot trailer that enables reasonable access to your furnace – we have equipment that weighs roughly 120 pounds that we’ll need to transport to your furnace location.
  • Clear an area around the furnace for us to locate our equipment – a 3-ft x 6-ft floor space within 5 to 10 feet of the furnace will generally suffice.
  • Ensure all registers are easily accessible. (We’ll bring a small step ladder for those mounted high on the wall or on the ceiling.)
  • Contain all pets.Dog on Register
  • Cover any sensitive electronics – while we take every precaution to minimize leakage of the sealing aerosol into your living spaces, some may occur.
  • Should the sealing aerosol leak into your living space, we may need to ventilate your home.  Be sure that all windows and doors are unlocked and can be easily opened.



We recommend that everyone (other than our technicians) vacate the house during the treatment.  While the sealants and aerosol are non-toxic, they can be a respiratory irritant, so we strongly urge that small children and anyone with respiratory issues not be in the house during sealing.