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Duct Sealing Reduces Dust & Allergens

Duct Sealing May Reduce Dust and Allergens in Your Home

dust-me-300x277Dust in your home comes from a variety of sources (e.g. skin cells, pets, dirt carried from outside), many of which are impractical, if not impossible, to eliminate.  However, you can effectively eliminate one source – leaking duct work, specifically, your return ducts.

Your return ducts draw air from the house and return it to the furnace or air conditioner.  Typically, they run between the walls, above the ceiling and beneath the floor, and in the basement and attic.  When your return ducts leak (and studies have shown that most do unless properly sealed), air in these spaces – often stale and laden with dirt, drywall dust, insulation fibers, allergens, and other contaminants – is drawn into the ducts and routed to the furnace or air conditioner to be re-distributed throughout your house.


Duct Cleaning VS Duct Sealing

Cleaning your ducts can be effective for reducing the dust in your home, however it is a short term solution.  When PMC seals your ducts with Aeroseal technology, not only are the leaks virtually eliminated, so is the source of dust and allergens and the results are lasting.  Contact us today to find out how you can…

…Save energy… Eliminate cold rooms… Reduce allergens.