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Hot Room and Cold Room Solutions

1Inability to maintain uniform temperatures from room to room in your home could be due to significant duct leakage.

You might be surprised to learn that it’s not that uncommon in a house with a forced-air heating/cooling system to have at least one room that is difficult to condition effectively, i.e. in the winter, it’s colder… and, in the summer, warmer (and stuffier) than the rest of the house.

Sealing your ductwork using Aeroseal technology could be the solution to the inconsistent and uncomfortable temperatures in some rooms of your home, as Tim from Cincinnati found out.  To diagnose the condition, you should consider several factors including an insufficient flow of conditioned air to that room…which could be caused by one major leak or a lot of small ones.  If you suspect duct leakage, the first thing you should do is try to rule out a major leak by, as best you can, tracing the ducting running from your furnace (or air conditioner) to the uncomfortable room;  look for a disconnected joint or a large hole that may have been created during construction which was never plugged or the repair has deteriorated.  If you find no major leaks, the cause could be (and often is) the compounded effect of many small leaks – seams and junctions inherent in most duct work, an inadvertent drill hole during construction, and/or the small holes into which a damper is mounted.  Believe it or not, all these small leaks typically add up to 20 to 40% of the conditioned air leaking out and not reaching its intended destination.  The rooms farthest from the conditioning source – your furnace or air conditioner – suffer the most, simply a matter of more opportunities for leakage to occur as the length of the path and the number of turns/elbows increase.

2We can seal those small cracks and holes without having to rip out drywall or tear up floors to get to the duct work.  Using the Aeroseal process, we only need access to your furnace and the supply & return registers throughout the house – the beginning and ends of the duct system – and the seal is much more effective and lasting than taping or mastic.  Before we apply Aeroseal, we’ll double-check for major leaks and fix them first.  Sealing with Aeroseal, we usually see at least an 80% reduction in leakage, which will translate to stronger air flows to and from all rooms, especially noticeable in those rooms at the extremes of the duct system, and more effectively conditioned spaces.  No more need for space heaters in the winter and extra fans in the summer!