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Aeroseal Duct Sealing is a patented breakthough technology that seals ducts from the inside, enabling effective sealing of duct systems in existing homes and commercial buildings where conventional methods have fallen short. The process works by pressurizing the duct system with pre-heated air into which an aerosol carrying the non-volatile sealant — a vinyl acetate polymer — is injected.  As the air stream makes a sharp turn to exit through the leaks, the particles collide with and adhere to the leak edges. As more particles stick to themselves, the build-up progressively seals the leak. Leaks as wide as 5/8 of an inch can be effectively sealed by this method.

The sealant is non-toxic and commonly used in water-based paint, hairspray and chewing gum. Due to the relatively low pressures during application, the process will not damage your ductwork and, in most cases, the ducts do not need to be cleaned beforehand. It can be used with flexible and rigid ducts, and is approved for use in homes with duct board and has been proven effective in sealing all return and supply duct systems including panned-in returns. Aeroseal can be used in buildings with zoning systems, humidifiers, non-ozone generating lights and high efficiency air cleaners.

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